5 Essential Things You Need For Your New Office

Whether you are moving into your very first office as a start-up company, or whether you are moving your current staff to a brand new location, there are several essential items that you need to have ready for the first day of work. Without these items the comfort, morale, ethic and environment could suffer. Should this happen, it might also cause negative effects on your staff and their output.

Here are five of the items you need to have for your new office:

Communal furniture

Every office needs an area where their employees can take a load off; a place where they can have a break from staring at the computer screen and chat with their colleagues instead. It is imperative that every modern office accommodates for this and allows their teamĀ a communal area where they can make a cup of tea, sit down and talk about what they watched on television the night before. Invest in some attractive and colourful communal furniture — sofas, coffee tables, etc. — in order to bring this to life.

Comfy office chairs

Of course, it is not just the office’s communal area that needs close attention when it comes to choosing the right furniture. Equally as important — if not more so — is purchasing the best quality office chairs for your employees’ desks. Your staff are going to be spending the majority of their day in these chairs so it is crucial that they are comfortable and efficient. After all, if your employees do not feel at ease, their morale and work rate will eventually begin to suffer.


When it is just hours away from home time, the clock hands moving closer and closer to 5 o’clock, workers will sometimes need a little boost; a small jolt of motivation to keep them going until the end of the day. This is where confectionery becomes important. Installing a vending machine or a small dispenser in the office where your employees can grab a handful of sweets or chocolate can provide that small necessary boost at the end of a day. What’s more — it will bring a little bit of colour and quirk to the office environment.


A hydrated workforce is a healthy workforce. It is for this reason that watercoolers have become an essential and iconic item for offices across the globe. There are very few offices without them, providing workers with a chance to take a break from their duties and replenish their fluids. If you are moving into new digs, make sure you have watercoolers installed by the time the first day rolls around. Also do not forgot to guarantee that a regular supply of water is coming in to fill the coolers.


One of the most overlooked aspects of creating an office environment is setting the right mood. This can be achieved in several ways. Placing quirky artwork on your walls can help make your office more light-hearted, for example, while having colourful furniture can make it appealing on entry. One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to do it, however, is by playing music. You can have an iPod with music reflecting the tastes of your staff or have a shared Spotify playlist that your team can contribute to.