5 Ways To Give Your Office Break Room A New Look

office-break-roomHaving a great break room can mean the world of difference when it comes to office morale. A place to step away from your desk for five minutes, converse with co-workers and generally relieve some tension, it is a crucial part of generating productivity and raising morale. If yours is starting to look a little stale, here are some cool ways to spruce it up:

1. Game console

A great way for your younger staff members, both male and female, to let off some of their tension is to have a game console installed in your break room. Staff can play by themselves to relieve some stress of have short games with a gang of colleagues. Of course, be careful about what games you stock. Sports, arcade or racing games will be preferable as they can be quick to complete and easy to play.

2. Grow some plants

This one will take regular care and attention, but you could grow some plant in your office break room. It will help to provide a beautiful and tranquil change of scene. Furthermore, by cleaning the air and reducing humidity, office plans can also help lead to a healthier and more productive work-force with lower stress levels.

3. Mini gym

If you want a more physical way of burning off stress and get healthy while you are at the office, you could turn part of your break room into a miniature gymnasium. Install it with a treadmill, gym ball and lay the ground with mats – you will burn off the calories from that office confectionery and make up for time spent behind the computer screen in no time.

4. Water coolers

Some offices will consider installing a vending machine. As far as productivity goes, you might as well write off your afternoons if this is the case. Sugary drinks and food will see your staff crash very quickly. But water coolers are a different matter. Providing access to fresh, cool water whenever you want, it will keep your workers’ energy and hydration high throughout the day.

5. Unconventional seating

More or less every office break room will have a seating area. But it doesn’t have to be so conventional. Rather than the plain old plastic chairs or sofa, you could consider having arm chairs dotted around the room or install cozy little igloos like this office did. It will certainly make your office more inviting, fun and unique.